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Words are flowing outlike endless salt into an open wound

across a lonely world

Fiona Morrison
17 March
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I'm Fiona and I'm a junior in high school. Jarred is the love of my life and a wonderful fiance. I'm learning how to play guitar. And I can touch my nose and tounge. I've been told I'm a great kisser and I'm also a cheap whore. Well, I'll keep it that way.

~ Chinese Food
~ Jarred
~ Drugs
~ Alcohol
~ Sex
~ Sleeping
~ Guitars
~ Emo Music
~ Writing
~ Apple Juice
~ Vibrators
~ Piercings
~ Condoms
~ dying my hair

~ Madeline
~ Rap Music
~ Ghetto people
~ Preps
~ People who try to be hot and whores but suck at it
~ anal sex
~ pubic hair